Selv om du ikke kan besøke det vakre Newbold College i sommer, kan du få hjelp av deres dyktige lærere til å bli bedre i engelsk.
Foto: Tor Tjeransen/ADAMS

Newbold med online språkskole

Newbold College tilbyr språkskole på nett i sommer.

Hvert år har mange ungdommer tatt det populære språkkurset ved Newbold College utenfor London. I år er det ikke mulig å være til stede på språkskole i det vakre Berkshire. Men Newbold sørger likevel for et tilbud. Her ser du detaljene:

The English Language Centre announces launch of summer course – 1:1 Online English Learning 

Thursday 14 May 2020

Dear Partners,
We are delighted to share that our English Language Centre, today, announces the launch of a new online initiative: 1:1 Online English Learning.

Launching officially on 15 June 2020, 1:1 Online English Learning has been created in response to the coronavirus pandemic, forcibly putting the breaks on in-person learning. The English Language Centre is committed to providing learning and service to students all over the world, and this is the first step towards an ongoing production of educational resources.

Head of English Language Centre, Miriam Stoykov offers a positive perspective, sharing the opportunity that has come from COVID-19:

“In this current global climate, we have had to make some adjustments to our English language programme over the summer. Although we are unable to meet on campus for the Summer School in English course, this has opened doors for new opportunities.

And so, we are excited to share that we will be offering one-to-one personalised lessons online from June. This flexible course is tailored to the individual’s specific learning goals at any level, and includes a balanced mix of English for general and specific purposes. Whether students need English for theological and pastoral purposes, academic purposes, written communication, spoken communication, support in preparing for the Cambridge and IELTS exams, or any other specific language area, this course provides us with the opportunity to guide a student at a pace that suits them, at a level for them, and reassures them that we are very much, open for business.”

Some key points of the course are:

  • Students will be taught by individual experts in their respected fields
  • The course consists of 10 hours of live lessons and self-study
  • Students will receive an e-book and additional personalised learning resources to aid self-study
  • Lesson times are flexible, and can be arranged between the student and their designated tutor
  • Age eligibility for this course starts at 18+
  • The levels of English that can be taught, range from A1 – C2 (Elementary to Advanced)

For a full course breakdown, prices and more, visit

If you know of someone that may benefit from this course, please feel free to share the link and information with them, or to get in touch with any questions.

Many thanks for your continued prayers and support in this unprecedented time.

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